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Teej (तीज) is a festival celebrated by women of NepalLiterary "teej" means "third". Therefore Teej falls on the third day after the moonless night (Amavasya) and the third day after the full moon night of every month. However, the third day after the new moon or Amavasya of Shraavana (श्रावण) month is the most important Teej. As  Saawan month falls during monsoon or rainy season when the surroundings become green, the Shraavana Teej is also called Hariyali Teej (Green Teej).

The first day of Teej is called Dar Khane Din. On this day the women, married and unmarried, mainly of Khas ethnicity, assemble at one place, in their finest attire and start dancing and singing devotional songs. Amidst all this, the grand feast takes place. The jollity often goes on till midnight, after which the 24hour fast starts.
The second day is the fasting day. Some women live without a morsel of food and drops of water while others take liquid and fruit. On this day, they gaily dress and visit a nearby Shiva temple singing and dancing on the way. The Pashupatinath Temple gets the highest number of devotees. At the Shiva temple, women circumambulate the Shiva Linga, the symbol of the lord, offering flowers, sweets and coins. The main puja (religious ceremony) takes place with offerings of flowers, fruits, etc., made to Shiva and Parvati, beseeching them to grant their blessing upon the husband and family. The important part of the puja is the oil lamp which should be alight throughout the night.
The third day of the festival is Rishi Panchami. After the completion of the previous day's puja, women pay homage to various deities and bathe with red mud found on the roots of the sacred datiwan bush, along with its leaves. This act of purification is the final ritual of Teej, after which women are considered absolved from all their sins. The recent years have witnessed an alteration in the rituals, especially concerning the severity, but its essence remains the same.
Teej is celebrated just before the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Women do 24-hour nirjala fasting (without water or fruit) for the wellness of their spouse and their married life and unmarried would be praying to get a nice husband.More>>
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Nachau Hami Disko Ma Teej By Komal Oli - Download
Barsha Ma Ek Din Teej Aauda Pani - Download
Bhanda Raichan Sasu - Download
Jhumkana - Download
Euti Dulahi Chahiyo - Download
Bigaryo Paisale Devi Gharti and Dhan Kumari Thapa - Download
Larakkai Larkyo Rato Sari Bhuima Part 1 - Download
Larakkai Larkyo Rato Sari Bhuima Part 2 - Download
Nacham Ki Nanacham Bhana Bhana Bai - Download
Herana OA batuli yessari ho nachne By Pashupati Sharma and Devi Gharti - Download
Saree Kindeuna By Krishna BC and Yuwa Raj Gautam Part-1 - Download
Sari Kindeuna By Krishna BC and Yuwa Raj Gautam Part-2 - Download
Sambidhan Sabhako By Pashupati Sharma and Nisha Sunuwar - Download
Teej ko Brata Baschhu Ma ta By Anju Panta - Download
Aahileko teej ta babal barilai - Download
Nachau Hami Disko Ma Teej By Komal Oli - Download
Aaja Ta Bhetna Aaudina Hai Kalu Part-1 - Download
Aaja Ta Bhetna Aaudina Hai Kalu Part-2 - Download
Hai Mero Fariya by Bishnu Majhi - Download
Jawani Chadhera Hoki By Pasupati Sharma and Devi Gharti - Download
Rato Sari Sapko Kadhama By Jamuna Sanam and Prakash Katuwal - Download
Yo Teejma Bhayera jamma By Junu Rijal ,Purnima Shertha - Download
Narisaunu Koi Maile Ni Palna Sakchu Mero Afno Poi By Nisa Sunwar - Download
Nacham Ki Nanacham Babale Rojnu Bho Bhaisi Charaune By Krishna BC - Download
Jhyam Jhyam Bajauna Sangini by Devi Gharti Mangar and Dinesh Neopane - Download
Mero Ta Sirmati Sarai Asala - Download
Gharai ramailo ho maitai ramailo by manju bhattarai - Download
Dhunga HanaHan Kursi TanaTan - Download
Aau aau meri sangini by bima kumari dura and sarala pandey - Download
Talakai Aaina Talkiyo Pashupati Sharma, Radhika Hamal, Ramila Neopane - Download
Lagyo Ni Chakkar by Sindhu Malla - Download
Bhetiyana Koi By Komal Oli - Download
Oe Suntali by Jamuna Sanam, Rita KC and Kushal - Download
Suna Gaun Ka Chyanti Bhunti - Download
Sunko chura authi ni sunkai chha - Download

New Nepali Teej Song 2013 - 2070 Udhreko Choli Laudina Ma Ta - Arjun Thapa & Binu Tamang

Nepali teejsong 2070 by Prajapati Parajuli

Maya Prem Sikaune | Tejas Regmi And Radhika Hamal | Latest Nepali Lok Folk Audio Songs | 2013

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