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Graduate Research Topic For Master level

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Students must be careful while submitting the final topic of GRP Or Thesis . A list of important topics of research on finance is provided to help the students in selecting their research/thesis topics.

  1. Impact of privatization on non-performing loans of banks in (country name)
  2. Risk assessment and decision making in business and industry
  3. Impact of awareness on the choice of short-term financing (A case study of yarn merchants)
  4. Impact of privatization on profitability & capital employment of stated owned enterprises in (country name)
  5. Enterprise risk management (an essential process for sustainable profit and growth)
  6. Audit fee expense and size of the company in (country name)
  7. Determinants of capital structure in cement industry of (country name)
  8. Impact of gross loan portfolio on microfinance value saving comparison between microfinance institutions and microfinance banks
  9. Impact of interest rate on stock market
  10. A study based on the effects of interest rate on share price

  1. Comparison of micro finance institutions, micro-finance banks and micro finance institutions and development of entrepreneurial skills
  2. Empowering women though microfinance
  3. Banking and currency crisis causality from banks crises to currency crises
  4. Patronage factors of Islamic banking system in (country name)
  5. Analysis of profitability of banks: comparative study of domestic & foreign banks in (country name)
  6. Financial exclusion: market versus self-driven causes
  7. A study on the inhibitions experienced by existing and non-existing users towards online banking in (country name)
  8. Correlation study between measures of financial performance of banks in (country name)
  9. Comparative study of credit scoring methods between local and foreign banks of (country name)
  10. Market interest rate and commercial bank profitability in (country name)
  11. Determinants of corporate dividend payout policy
  12. Effects of free cash flow on profitability of firms
  13. Fundamentals and stock return: Empirical study of cement industry in (country name)
  14. Relationship between stock prices and rupee dollar parity in (country name)
  15. The relation of credit risk rating with financial ratios in (country name)
  16. Factor influencing individual investor behavior: the case of the stock exchange (e.g. New York Stock Exchange)
  17. Determinant of dividend payout ratio: A study of fertilizer sector
  18. Fundamentals and stock returns in (country name)
  19. The differential impact of Islamic banking on car loans and house financing through banks in (country name)
  20. A study on relationship between stock market development and economic growth in (country name)
  21. Effects of mergers and acquisition in banking sector of (country name)
  22. Impact of privatization of banks on profitability
  23. The impact of interest rate risk on the profitability of Islamic and conventional banks
  24. Relationship between cash flow and capital spending in pharmaceutical industry of (country name)
  25. Effect of fund size on mutual fund performance
  26. Comparison of financial performance in banking sector
  27. Determinants of capital structure: A study of sugar and allied sector of (country name)
  28. Can risk aversion indicator anticipate financial crises
  29. Cash flow and capital spending relationship: evidence from automobile sector
  30. Targeting consumer segment: A sustainable growth for mutual funds
  31. Relating risk factors with contemporary distribution channels
  32. Impact of privatization on profitability and efficiency of banks in (country name)
  33. Money supply chain and stock prices
  34. A comparative study between micro-finance banks, micro-finance institutions and rural support programs in creating self-employment in (country name)
  35. Validating of CAPM in predicting stock prices at stock exchange (e.g. New York Stock Exchange)
  36. Fundamental variables and stock return: evidence from sugar and allied sector of (country name)
  37. Which is better indicator of stock returns? Sales price, debt equity, book market or firm size
  38. Mutual fund characteristics and its performance in (country name)
  39. Debt and equity choice for funds
  40. Capital investment and stock return
  41. To study the relationship between price earning ratio and return on investment
  42. A test of price earning ratio to predict future growths
  43. Factors affect on the dividend payout ratio
  44. To study relationship between price earning ratio and growth
  45. Relationship between market factors and stock returns of sugar and allied industries of (country name)
  46. To investigate the association between dividend change and company’s earning in chemical industry of (country name)
  47. Determinants of capital structure in automobile sector of (country name)
  48. Fund size and indicator of performance measurement for fixed income mutual fund
  49. Factors that lead to investment in mutual funds
  50. Predicting stock price via dividend discount model a study over cement sector
  51. Impact of macro-economic variables on stock sector of (country name)
  52. Performance evaluation of mutual funds in (country name)
  53. Comparison between sales price, debt-equity and book market value of equity in analyzing stock returns
  54. Relationship between cash flow and investment spending in textile industry
  55. A test of price earning ratio to predict growth
  56. Effects of free cash flow on investment of firms
  57. An empirical analysis of long-run performance of IPO’s in (country name)
  58. Financial leverage and investment policy
  59. Composition of board of directors and its impact on firm’s performance
  60. Impact of taxation on firm’s dividend payout/ratio
  61. Customer satisfaction in Ijara financing
  62. Impact of acquisitions and mergers on firm performance in FMCG sectors
  63. Share price volatility explicated by fundamental
  64. Stock price and economic variables (interest rate, inflation and GDP)
  65. Determinants of P/E ratio
  66. Impact of capital structure on profitability
  67. Impact of interest rate changes on banks’ profitability
  68. Relationships of stock market returns and rate of inflation
  69. Dividend policy and stock price volatility
  70. Determinants of capital structure in case of pharmaceutical sector
  71. The impact of leverage on stock return
  72. Fundamentals that predict the mutual fund performance: case of (country name)
  73. Effect of different characteristics that leads to mergers and acquisitions
  74. Factors effecting leverage in textile industry of (country name)
  75. Effects of liquidity crisis on bank’s profitability
  76. Relationship between free cash flows and investment in cement sector of (country name)
  77. Impact of working capital on firm’s profitability: study of textile sector of (country name)
  78. The relationship between corporate strategy and capital structure
  79. Assessing the profitability determinants of Islamic banking in (country name)
  80. Turnover as predictor of inflation
  81. Impact of dividend on investment decision
  82. Relationship between Assets and Liabilities in balance sheet
  83. Impact of fiscal policy on economy of (country name)
  84. Determinants of bond market capitalization in (country name)
  85. Relationship between CPI and bond price
  86. Determinants of capital structure in chemical industry in (country name)
  87. Determinants of financial development
  88. Impact of privatization on telecom
  89. Impact of corporate social responsibility on firm’s financial performance


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