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Tim Peake return LIVE: British ESA astronaut heads back to Earth after six months aboard ISS

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Along with him are commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA's Tim Kopra.
The team undocked from the International Space Station at 5.51am and separated a minute later. They are preparing to re-enter the atmosphere at a speed 28,800km/h.
If everything goes according to plan, they should land in Kazakhstan later this morning.
Even though Tim Peake is leaving, the ISS has been left in good hands.
The hatch to the Soyuz capsule carrying Major Tim Peake and his two crewmates being closed before it released itself from the International Space Station and undocked
Commander Jeff Williams of NASA, along with his crewmates Oleg Skripochka and Alexey Ovchinin, will continue research and maintenance aboard the station.
Here’s a picture of them locking Major Peake and his colleagues into the Soyuz before it left the space station earlier today:


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