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Global Conference on Global Warming

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Global Conference on Global Warming 2015 (GCGW-15)
May 24-27, 2015
Athens, Greece

It is our great pleasure to make an open invitation for the next conference: GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL WARMING-2015 (GCGW-15) which will be held in Athens, Greece, on May 24-27, 2014.

The GCGW-15 is a multi–disciplinary international conference on global warming and climate change issues and potential solutions, aiming to provide a forum for the: exchange of technical information, dissemination of high-quality research results, presentation of new policy and scientific developments and promoting future priorities for a more sustainable development and energy security.

The primary themes of the conference this year relate to Energy, Transport, and the Green House effect, i.e. their role and impact on global warming and climate change. We felt that some focus on these topics which are of primary relevance and consequence for the Global Warming phenomenon will give the opportunity for a more in-depth information exchange and research results presentation. However, as stressed by the Scientific Committee of the Conference, these Themes will be considered in their broadest context and will not preclude consideration of other related Themes and disciplines, e.g. built up environment, ecology, education, social sciences, economics, management, physical sciences, information technology, etc.

The scientific part of the GCGW-15 will allow for Plenary Sessions as well as parallel Sessions in which papers or keynote papers will be presented in oral form, after evaluation and review by a panel of relevant experts c/o the Scientific Committee of the Conference. High quality papers will be considered, in extended form, for publication in specific reputable international journals which will be announced with the second announcement of the Conference.
We look forward to having the opportunity to welcome all participants in Athens, on May 24-27, 2015.


Prof. C. S. Zerefos
Director, Professor Emeritus, Center for Environmental Effects on Health, Academy of Athens

Prof. L. G. Christophorou
Director, Research Office of Experimental Physics, Academy of Athens
President, Energy Committee, Academy of Athens

Prof. G. A. Giannopoulos
Director, Institute of Sustainable
Mobility and Transport Networks
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas-CERTH

Prof. Em. K. Kakaras
Director, Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas-CERTH



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