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US strikes Islamic State militants at Iraq's Haditha dam

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The US has carried out a series of air strikes on Islamic State militants close to the vital Haditha dam in western Iraq, US officials say.
The US strikes, the first in the area, were to protect the Iraqi forces and Sunni tribesmen in control of the dam.
The US has carried out scores of air strikes to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces as they try to halt the advance of the militants in the north and west.
The American air attacks, the first of their kind in Anbar province, signal that Washington has crossed a line that it itself drew.
It has long had a standing request from the outgoing Iraqi government to use its air power against IS in all areas. But until recently, it made it clear it would only do that once a new, inclusive government is formed in Baghdad, with full Sunni representation.
That hasn't yet happened, though intensive efforts are under way to produce a new cabinet in the coming days.

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