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Parents in Lionel Messi's hometown banned to name their children 'Messi'

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Great players, in all sports, often have their jersey retired by their respective teams as a sign of reverence for their career accomplishments.

If you're Lionel Messi, though, that just doesn't cut it. Instead, the Barcelona superstar is having his name retired by his hometown. Seriously.

Parents in the city of Rosario, Argentina - where the diminutive forward was born - have been outlawed from using "Messi" as a first name.
As noted by Spanish outlet Marca, the rational behind the decision is simple: "Messi" is a surname, and using it as a given name will only serve to cause confusion, particularly as it has become increasingly popular as the player's career has continued to blossom.
Forget induction into any Hall of Fame, winning various individual accolades or even championships, this is the dream.

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters
Credit : Thescore


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