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Top 5 ways to Quit Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is the one of the most common addictions all over the world. Alcohol consumption regularly and in high quantities can lead to various health problems from minor gastritis to major cancers of stomach and pancreas. Alcohol addicts lose their balance between mind and body and gradually become physically dependent which makes them impossible to quit alcohol easily. But the decision of quitting alcohol itself is a great motivational factor to stop alcohol. Self motivation, Proper planning, Will power and Family support are required to quit alcohol. The following are the top 5 ways to quit alcohol:
1. Proper Planning: Proper planning and goal setting is very important for the whole process from the beginning to the end where you completely quit. Decide on how many ounce of drink you would like to have per day, what type of drink you want to have, wine or beer, and how much quantity you would like to have. Choosing the drink with less alcohol content is always better, as it helps in gradual de addiction. Maintain a proper dairy and highlight your goal and stick the paper with goal written as you see it daily.

2. Avoidance: Say no to drinks. Avoidance is the major thing that can be done to stop drinking. When you move out with friends and relatives, be careful and make a strict decision to say no to drinks when offered. Keep yourself away from people who drink and try to avoid hanging out with people who are regular drinkers. Avoid going to places where you might get tempted to drink. Be away from people who pressurise you to have an ounce more. Tell your close ones who drink a lot in office and home not to drink in front of you.
3. Diversions: Get diverted from the habit towards other hobbies of interest. Take support from your family/spouse. They are the great diversion and they help you in finding right diversions. There are indeed organisations set up to help alcohol addicts to quit alcohol. Start learning new skills and change towards new and innovative thinking. Make a list of your positive aspects, talents and choose the best interesting ones and proceed towards them.
4. Emotional support: Emotional support by family and friends is very important and plays a major role in abstinence from alcohol. Though family support can help, the strong motivational factor should be own decision of the person to quit alcohol. Sometimes the difficult things which has to be changed become enjoyable and rewarding when you share with your close ones. Spending time with friends can keep you away from frustration and depression.

5. Take the help of doctor: The help of medical professional is important when you are physically dependent on alcohol, but you wish to quit. The patient faces withdrawal symptoms if he doesn’t consume alcohol for a while, he can have shakes, tremors, headache. Seizures can develop in severe conditions and sometimes can lead to death. Seeking the help of medical professional can avoid all these withdrawal symptoms, precisely known as ‘ Delirium tremens ‘. They help you to quit alcohol over a period of time by gradually tapering the quantity and with the help of medications.


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