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Aditya So Called Nepali Google Boy

10:59:00 AM Posted by Kinar Timilsina , , No comments
A boy who cannot Stand, walk, and not even speak but his mental capacity is amazing. He can answer any question easily. Answer each question by writing. Today the show crew are focused about the four years old little boy Aditya Dahal from Chabahil, Kathmandu. Aditya is different than the normal child of his age. This miracle on Aditya has made people crazy to visit him. The team of Teshro Aankha visited Aditya’s home and asked him few questions of which Aditya wrote the correct answers. As he predicted certain things we can say he is more than a Google Guy as Google can only say the answers that exist not the future. As since few months he is not able to use his physical parts normally but something miracle happened to him after that. 

He started to write things that were asked to him, even he started to write about the futures about stuff that people asks him.  Here is the exclusive video report about Aditya.

 Via Sagarmatha TV


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