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10 healthy ways for weight loss

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1. Plan properly: Setting the apt goal which is achievable is important and it helps you to go through the weight loss process with confidence and without much stress. Calculate your BMI and find out the right weight you should be, for your height and gradually reduce your weight to reach the desired result. Maintain a proper diet chart for a day or week and follow accordingly.
2. Lots of water: Water keeps the body away from impurities by shedding them out in urine or in sweat. It helps in the functioning of digestive system properly. It helps in regeneration of new cells and adds natural glow to you. The elasticity of skin is maintained when you drink more water and you can avoid the loosened skin due to lost weight,
3. Balanced Diet: Maintaining a balanced diet is utmost important for healthy weight loss. You should not concentrate on food you eat, but concentrate on the calorie intake.Any food can be taken in the limited amounts and it should match the calculated calories in the diet chart.
4. Exercise: Exercise and diet are the only two options people seek to lose weight drastically, but healthy way of losing weight is not about only heavy exercises, scheduled, regular, moderate exercises are to be continued along with other methods to lose weight.
5. No to Sugar and Fat: Be away from sweets and sugars. Though you get tempted when you are a sweet lover, it is advised to have a strong diversion towards other foods and avoid sweets. The quantity of fats and oils used in preparation of regular dishes is to be reduced to a greater extent and eating salads and soups as an alternative is the better option.

6. Do not opt for rapid weight loss methods: Choosing drastic weight loss methods and losing weight abruptly, like dietary plans with totally restricted diet and heavy continuous exercises`can have an adverse effect on health. Rapid weight loss can result in rapid weight gain later when all the heavy exercise and dietary restrictions are stopped. It is always advised by the medical professionals to follow a slow and healthy weight loss programmes which can promise long term results.
7. Fruits and Vegetables: Replace the unhealthy fatty food with fruits and vegetables, Eating fruits and vegetables have the double benefit of losing weight and being healthy, it reduces the risk of many diseases including cancers.
8. Healthy mind – Healthy body: Healthy mind and positive attitude can keep your body healthy and vice versa. Depressed people are known to be overeaters and they have craving for carbohydrate rich diet which makes them obese. Positive approach towards life keeps you stable and can help you in reaching the goal quickly.
9. Eat less, but frequently: Eating high quantity at minimum times can make you fat. It is advised to eat less quantities often. This way, most of the food you eat can be digested and fat conversion and accumulation can be minimized.

10. Be Positive: Positive approach is the key factor for any goal to be achieved and if the desired result of weight reduction is not achieved, most of them are prone for depression. This keeps them away from the weight loss plans to be continued for the next time. Researches proved that confident and easy going people can reduce kilos easily than dull and depressed persons.


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