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Fighting Global Warming-The Simple Things You Can Do To Make a Major Impact

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Global warming is indeed of major concern, not only for ecological think tank, policy makers and environmentalist but also for ordinary world citizens like you and me. Global warming is indeed affecting us in many ways, although many of us may not be really aware of its true impacts in terms of climate changes, higher degree of pollution, poor waste management programs and our world getting hotter and hotter with each passing day. Most of us may wonder what we as individuals and citizens could do about a transnational issue like global warming, which even world leaders are finding difficult to address, let along resolve in positive and concrete manners. We must remember that it is the small drops that make the ocean.
These are just some of the common tips through which we could show that we do care, as anybody else, about global warming and how it impacts our daily lives:
  1.   Replace high voltage bulbs with CFL ones: Not only would this reduce your energy bills but you could also save energy and use only the amount that is really required for needs. Use of environmentally friendly energy or green devices adds much to overall energy conservation and arrests more intensities of global warming
  2. Walk to work instead of using cars or two wheelers: C02 release into the atmosphere does cause a great deal of pollution and exacerbates global warming. By conserving the use of fossil fuels and seeking better alternatives like electrical, battery eco driven cars, pollution could indeed be dramatically reduced and curbed in big way. 
  3. Do not destroy trees if you cannot plant trees: Deforestation is a major cause of climate change and global warming. It is very important that we grow more trees not only to protect the environment, but also reduce the adverse impacts of climate changes that could cause major damage to our health and well being on earth.
  4. Recycle wastes wherever possible: Most of us dump trash and wastes, not realizing that this would ultimately take up major landfill areas. Millions of tons of waste accumulate over time and major cause of health hazards and other malaise. Instead, we should recycle whatever is possible and put this to best use. Others could be burned, or destroyed thus saving the earth from the hazards of mounting waste management that soon becomes beyond human coping.
  5. Industrial wastes need to be properly managed: Those of us who work in factories know the kind of wastes that could be generated and the poor methods by which they are disposed, even polluting water sources and the immediate environment. There needs to be a sound and environmentally safe system of industrial waste disposal including use of incinerators and other heavy duty machines that could take care of heavy waste in effective , efficient and environmentally hazard- free manner, without impacting our environment.
  6. Do think about future also since our hazardous ecological negligence of today will have its repercussions tomorrow: Most of us taken nature for granted and continue to defile, spoil and ravage the very planet which provides us food, succor and virtual living. In effect, by destroying nature, we are destroying our own very future existence on earth.
It is common knowledge that we would get from nature what we give to it. If we observe strict environmental rules, do not unduly exploit the bounty of nature, grow trees and plants, care for nature in order to ensure that would grow forth in abundance and favor us with health, happiness and harmony..
The GO GREEN concept needs to be applied by all denizens of the world to save us from virtual annihilation caused by global warming and its ill effects on earth.

Author Bio:
James Finnan PhD degree 


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