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The best lens to take for photo helicopter tours.

6:29:00 PM Posted by Kinar Timilsina
The best lens to take for photo helicopter tours.
If you are interested in taking a helicopter tour of New York and you are a budding photographer with a professional quality camera, you will have a real dilemma when it comes to picking the right lens for your trip. If you've never shot from a helicopter before this is one of the best ways that you can capture aerial photography and amazing shots of places which may not be easily accessible or easily seen. With helicopter tours in New York you can see New York and its many hidden nuances from a whole new angle and capture photography shots that you can use in your holiday albums as well as art pieces, a portfolio and more. If you are interested in getting some really magical shots you'll need to set up your camera with the right settings as well as pick the right lens before the helicopter even takes off.

This is because quite often helicopters will have only a tight amount of space especially the touring helicopters for New York City tours. While the space is perfect for holding passengers and giving you space to take photographs, it can be really difficult to manage a camera bag with film, batteries and lens changes while the helicopter is in flight.

Most pilots and employees would suggest using the widest possible lens available. For aerial photography this is best because you can capture a larger area and for New York City it's best because you can capture some fantastic panoramic shots or even stitch together multiple digital photographs into a beautiful cityscape.

One of the problems with zoom lenses is that they can be notoriously difficult to shoot from with the vibration of the aircraft. Without heavy digital image stabilization you will be hard-pressed to get a zoomed in photo that doesn't have some sort of motion blur in it. Heavily zoomed shots are generally only ruined by vibration that's given off by the helicopter. The good news is many of the tour operator helicopter pilots are extremely skilled at getting close and placing the helicopter in spots where you can get some amazing shots. This means that you can get some truly breathtaking photographs of your favorite New York landscapes from the air and from angles that you haven't seen ever before.

If you do plan on getting some shots or you are a professional photographer please let us know ahead of time and we can see you in one of the best spots of the aircraft for getting special quality pictures and where you might have room for a large lens.