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Beautiful lake to visit once in a life .

Lake Tahoe California Nevada

Lake Tahoe’s wintry play High-altitude Tahoe (6,225ft) is nirvana for skiing, snowboarding and other cold-weather sports in California and Nevada. Seven major winter resorts ring the shore, including Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Winter Olympics took place. Hike along snowy forest trails, snuggle up beside a fire in a lakeshore cafe, or ride the Sky Express to the top of Heavenly's highest peak for a snow-mantled panorama of the entire lake basin. Shorehouse Lake Tahoe offers cosy rooms and breathtaking views. (Mark Loper)

Alaska Lake Clark
Wilderness exploits in Alaska The only way to reach super-secluded Lake Clark is by trekking overland through the bush, getting dragged by a dogsled team or flying in by floatplane. Flanked by snow-capped peaks, thick boreal forest and white-water rivers, the 50-mile-long lake is quintessential Alaska. Fishing, kayaking and wildlife-watching are the main aquatic activities, while the lakeshore lends itself to weeklong hikes and backwoods camping. Tiny Port Alsworth (pop 159) offers a visitor centre, kayak rental, guide services and outfitters, a post office, and lodging, though travellers can also stay at Island Lodge on the lake. (Jonathan Snyder)

Oregon Crater Lake
Oregon’s underwater cosmos Other lakes have shipwrecks, but Oregon's Crater Lake offers the bragging rights of diving in a flooded volcano that also happens to be the deepest lake in the US (and ninth deepest in the world). Without a deep-sea submersible you will not be able to reach the absolute bottom (1,943ft). But there is plenty to explore in the crystal-clear shallows: lava formations, wildlife (trout and salmon) and underwater moss meadows. The catch is that you have to schlep your own scuba equipment up and down the Cleetwood Cove Trail -700 vertical feet. If that is not your idea of a vacation, try the Wizard Island boat cruises around the crater's island on that clear, calm blue water. At the end of the day, relax at the luxurious Crater Lake Lodge, open from late May to mid October. (Michele Falzone/Alamy)

Equestrian stomping grounds in Montana Wild horses roam the eponymous state park that floats in western Montana’s Flathead Lake. Along the shore awaits the all-inclusive Flathead Lake Lodge, where guests can enjoy horse-riding lessons, trail rides, cookout rides, barrel-racing competitions and team roping demonstrations. Other dude ranches in the Flathead Valley can organise multiday packhorse camping trips into the surrounding wilderness mountains. (Blaine Harrington III/Corbis)

Tilicho lake

is one of the highest lakes in the world. It is 4,949 m high in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas in Manang district of Nepal.Another source lists Lake Tilicho as being 4,919 meters high (16,138 feet).
Mountain lakes are known to geographers as tarns if they are caused by glacial activity. Tarns are found mostly in the upper reaches of the Himalaya, above 5,500 metres. Due to the extremely inhospitable surrounding terrain and the difficulties associated with reaching the area, this lake is rarely visited by outsiders.It was also the site of one of the highest ever altitude scuba dives. A Russian diving team consisting of Andrei Andryushin, Denis Bakin and Maxim Gresko conducted a scuba dive in the lake in 2000


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