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Get Mastercard For Free In Nepal and All over The World(Reloaded)

Today I am going to review Payoneer’s Virtual US Bank Account offering. A while back I was invited by one of their representatives to beta test this new service offering and after a fairly extensive period of usage I am glad to report that finally I have enough info and experience to write a review, so here it goes.

To receive a mastercard in country like Nepal,India,Pakistan is easy now. People from all around the world can also get a mastercard without a doubt.They ship you  mastercard once you get approved by them. There is no shipping charge to pay for the delivery. They will send you card with regular mail service which will take about 3 to 4 weeks to arrive at your door. If you are Nepali Daju Bhai then this is good for you. If you are asking a question to yourself that "can this master card verify a paypal account?'" The answer would be yes of course you can verify your paypal account with this mastercard. This mastercard provider copany provides a vba(Virtual Bank Account) to mastercard holder which can verify paypal account but you have to activate this mastercard before you use it.

Is this service safe?
I believe it is. The money is sitting in a bank account with a reputable and FDIC (US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured Bank. I received hundreds of dollars in payments to my Virtual US Bank Account and withdrew all of that money without a hitch. I just leisurely walked on over to the nearest ATM, inserted the debit card, punched in my PIN code and withdrew cold hard cash in my local currency. The whole process took me not even ten minutes.

Other items of interest
I’d really like to commend the Payoneer staff for their excellent customer service. During my whole beta testing period I received absolutely stellar support from their customer service department. I mostly dealt with one gentleman by the name of Aryeh. Whenever I ran into a snag he always promptly responded to my e-mails. Aryeh, I know you’ll be reading this review sooner or later, so cheer mate, and thanks for your support! Best of luck to you and your company!
Pricing & Fees
I found Payoneer’s fees to be fairly reasonable. Here is a table that outlines all their fees:
Card activation – US$9.95Per cardOne time – when card is first loaded
Card activation – Non US$19.95Per cardOne time – when card is first loaded
Loading of payoneer payments$2.00Per cardEach time card is loaded
Monthly account maintenance$3.00Per cardFrom available card balance each month
Transfer funds from card to bank account$ 00.00Per TrxEach time a transfer in being made
Replacement card – within US$9.95Per cardOne time – when issuing replacement card
Replacement card – outside US$19.95Per cardOne time – when issuing replacement card

ATM Cash Withdrawals or Transactions or Transactions
ATM withdrawal – US$1.35Per TrxWhen withdrawal is requested
ATM withdrawal -outside US$2.15 + upto 3% of transaction amountPer TrxWhen withdrawal is requested
Declined ATM withdrawal$0.90Per TrxWhen withdrawal request is declined
Purchase Transaction within US$0.00Per TrxWhen card is used for purchases
Purchase Transaction outside US$0.00 + upto 3% of transaction amountPer TrxWhen card is used for purchases

Follow these steps to get a free MasterCard.

1. First you need to sign up for account which you can do it from this link. SIGN UP.

2.They will send you email immediately after you complete a signup. And they will say "your account is in the process of review we will contact you after your account is approved or similar like this" in the email. You have to wait for 2 to 3 days to get response from them.

3. After 2 or 3 days they will send you email saying that your account is verified which looks like image given below.
Payoneer mastercard approvel email
4. Then it's delivery time. It will take 3 to 4 weeks to reach a mastercard to your doors. once you get the card enjoy and dance with joy.
If you like my post please order a payoneer card from my link. If you order a mastercard from this link both you and i will get $25 by payoneer.click here to order a mastercard.

Here is a card i received by payoneer inc...


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