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Most Healthy Foods and Most Unhealthy Foods for Your Diet.

Changing your life often begins with one simple step: changing your diet.Today, we are surrounded by over-processed, sugary, starchy, fake foods with hundreds of additives that we can’t even begin to pronounce.  We've traveled a great distance from the days hundreds of years ago when humans consumed only what they were able to grow in their own backyards.  As such, we've forgotten which foods we should be eating and which we should avoid like the plague.  Here’s an easy list to remember: the most healthy foods on the planet.

If you want to change your diet, you can start by adding these foods to your weekly routine.  If you can consume three servings of each of these foods in a single week, you’ll be well on your way to changing your entire lifestyle for the better.  The foods that this world provides are rich in nutrients and wide in mineral and vitamin variety.  Everything that humans need for perfectly healthy function can be found within reach.  Unfortunately, these healthy foods are being crowded by processed and artificial foods that many believe taste better and are easier to prepare or store.  Fresh ingredients are becoming more and more rare in the kitchen.  We desperately need to break this trend: stock up on these foods, and you’ll be amazed at the changes you can see and feel within yourself!
  • Dark green, leafy vegetables: Skip the iceberg lettuce and go for some Romaine, baby spinach, or kale.  These leafy vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Eat a dark green leafy vegetable every single day.
  • Fresh fish: The reputation of the fish is jumping to the tops of the charts.  Fish has essential fatty acids that will greatly improve your health.  Skip the farm-raised fish, though; only eat wild caught fish.
  • Walnuts: Don’t ignore this healthy nut!
  • Tea: Green, Black or White, it doesn’t matter.  Tea is good for you!
  • Blueberries: the antioxidizing power of blueberries is unmatched!
  • Tomatoes: the lycopene in tomatoes will change your life.  Eat a bright red tomato at least three times a week.
  • Whole grains: if you replace all your grains with whole grains, you will see dramatic changes in less than a month!
  • Squash: yellow squash or bright orange pumpkin is loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
  • Broccoli: we know it makes your kids squeamish, but broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world.
  • Oatmeal: the power of oats is only recently becoming known. Add oats to your breakfast for a healthier lifestyle.

Most Unhealthy Foods

Every list has a corresponding blacklist.  Just like the above foods should be included in your weekly eating schedule, the foods below should be avoided at all costs!
  • White bread
  • Potato Chips
  • Hot Dogs
  • Doughnuts
  • French Fries
  • Creamy Pasta Sauces
  • Dehydrated Noodle Soups
  • Sugary Cereals