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Reasons To Go Green If You Love Mother Earth .

This is the year for young people around the world to campaign and act on local and global sustainable development issues. Here are 10 very important reasons you should get involved:

1. It’s your future!

How old will you be in 2050? The choices and actions we take today will shape the world to come—not just for us, but for future generations as well. Do you have what it takes to leave a better world for your children’s children?

2. Rio+20

Brazil will host an important event even before the World Cup and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro: the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). Get involved in sustainable development initiatives now, in the lead-up to this summit. Help inspire world leaders to chart a path to a cleaner, greener future!

3. Gain experience, make a difference

Improve your job prospects while improving the world! Work in the field of sustainable development to get valuable hands-on experience, as well as positive karma. Got sustainable development experience on your resume? Awesome!

4. Join a growing sector

The world is now working toward a low-carbon future, so more and more green jobs are appearing every day. In Germany alone, the number of jobs in the renewable energy sector is expected to increase by more than 35 percent by 2030 (PDF, 3.6MB) from 2010 levels. Prepare yourself for tomorrow’s job market today!

5. Any skill can benefit the cause

What are you good at? Your skills are bound to be useful in sustainable development. From conservation, engineering and policy to education, media and research, all kinds of talents and skills are needed. Make a positive difference by putting your natural talents to work!

6. Tackle causes, not symptoms

Poverty, environmental damage and economic inequality are symptoms of complex, inter-related problems that sustainable development aims to address. Help combat the root causes of these multifaceted problems by getting involved!

7. You are needed now more than ever

We hear stories every day of individuals, communities and nations negatively affected by unsustainable living patterns. There is no better time to act than now!

8. You won’t be alone

Sustainable development may be a relatively new field, but it is very popular. People of all backgrounds work and volunteer to keep the sector running and growing. Get involved now and meet like-minded young people, who play a huge part in the process!

9. Freedom to be creative

It takes positive thinking and lots of imagination to raise awareness and take action on sustainable development issues. Do you aspire to be an inventor, entrepreneur, artist or activist? Promote sustainable development and stimulate your imagination!

10. Fun and adventure

Who said saving the world couldn’t be fun? Participate in massive stunts, join an online campaign or create art — all for a good cause. Get involved with sustainable development, and you’ll work with some of the most dynamic and creative people on the planet. You’ll be surprised by what can happen!

This article is part of the eJournal USA issue “Growing Up Green.”


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