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Nepal Diaries-Monsoon to gain full strenth in few days

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It will still be a few more days before this year's monsoon gains the strength required to bring about heavy thundershowers across the country, according to meteorologists.

The monsoon arrived seven days later than the usual date of June 10 in the eastern parts of the country and is still weak so far. Generally, the monsoon enters the country through the eastern districts in early June and takes a week to advance throughout the country.

“Most places in the eastern and central regions have received brief showers since the onset of the monsoon this year,” said Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) on Thursday. However, due to this year's slow monsoon, there has been only scanty rainfall recorded so far in these places, he said.

According to the MFD, most far-western districts have yet to receive monsoon rains. “The monsoon will still take a couple of days to advance west,” Shrestha said. Among the 20 meteorological stations installed across the country, Bhairahawa and Birendranagar received the highest and lowest rainfall measuring 46.3 and 2.1 millimetres respectively on Thursday. Meanwhile, maximum day temperatures recorded for a 24-hour period are gradually decreasing in the eastern and central districts in recent days with the coming of the monsoon showers, the MFD stated.

“There are chances of heavy thundershowers across the country next week as the monsoon is showing some favourable conditions with cloudy skies,” Shrestha added.


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