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  • Obama Rallies House To Pass Healthcare Reform

    Progress and politics are two things that rarely go together. Its been well over a year since Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States, telling the world that America was ready for change. 14 months on and it has been business as usual for the duration of his term in office, that is until now.

    After a year of stalling a scare tactics from the opposing Republican party, the Democrats have finally managed to pass their own bill of Healthcare reform threw the house by a tiny majority of 219 to 212. The bill had no Republican backing, further showing how the Democrats have wasted so much time when they have had the majority vote all along.

    The bill extends coverage to 32 million more Americans, and marks the biggest change to the US Healthcare system in decades. It is the first real achievement of the Obama administration after a year of frustrating and often crass opposition from the Republican Party, making a mockery of the political system.

    “We proved that we are still a people capable of doing big things. This legislation will not fix everything that ails our Healthcare system, but it moves us decisively in the right direction.” Obama

    The new legislation means health insurance will be extended to nearly all Americans, paid for by new taxes imposed on the wealthy, and restrictive insurance practices such as refusing to cover people with pre-existing medical conditions will be outlawed. A move that really anyone with a soul could not refuse. The Republicans have vowed to continue fighting it.

Obama Calls For Nuclear Power

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Obama Calls For Nuclear Power

US president Barack Obama has announced federal funding to create create 2 newNuclear Power Stations in America. The Decision is a landmark for Nuclear Power in the USA as it has been over 30 years since the last nuclear power stations were built.

The US has avoided Nuclear power since the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island, an accident that was caused by the partial core meltdown of one of the reactors at the site in Pennsylvania, which resulted in a release of radioactive gases into the atmosphere. The move ticks many of the boxes of Obama’s agenda, helping to reduce emissions and prevent climate change whilst ensuring a more secure energy future, as well as creating jobs.

According to BBC News just one nuclear plant will cut carbon pollution by 16 million tons each year when compared with a similar coal plant. It won’t persuade all the environmentalists, but it is an argument that does weigh heavily with some of them. Nuclear Power stations have much less emissions that conventional coal power stations, but can still lead to environmental damage when disposing of nuclear waste.

“To meet our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we’ll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. It’s that simple.” President Obama

There are currently 104 operating nuclear reactors across 31 states in the US, which provide about a fifth of the country’s electricity. Meanwhile, there are currently 56 new nuclear reactors being built around the world.