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Nepal's Cabinet HOLDING Climate Meeting On Mt. Everest

Is It Impossible To Avoid Climate Change Without Geo-Engineering?

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Is It Impossible To Avoid Climate Change Without Geo-Engineering?

The problem I have always had with Geo-Engineering is that might work. And because it exists as a possible option (or a backdoor, a plan B) to combat climate change, it will be used as an excuse to not take more appropriate yet unpopular action until its too late.

A new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has detailed how Geo-Engineering “could provide the world with extra time to de-carbonise the global economy”.

CO2 emissions

The BBC has interpreted the report as a claim that “without geo-engineering it will be impossible to avoid dangerous climate change”. Having read the original report I can confidently it makes no such claim. It simply simply lists it as a 3rd option to prevent climate change.

I’m not against the idea of Geo-Engineering, far from it. However, I feel that there are more direct options we have to try first. We are living beyond our means, unseasonably abusing the worlds resources. A climate “patch” will not solve this in the long. And Geo-Engineering comes with own share of risks. No one can be sure how the world will react to any sort of climate altering, it is essentially how we got in this mess in the first place.

The new report however suggests some less radical ideas on how to reduce C02 levels in the atmosphere.

  • Artificial Trees: Research is underway into building machines capable of mimicking trees by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The CO2 is the buried in Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)
  • Algae-coated buildings: Algae naturally absorbs CO2 and strips of algae can be fitted to the outside of buildings and then harvested from the surfaces and used as bio-fuel.
  • Reflective buildings: Reducing solar radiation will help reduce temperatures. Making surfaces hit by the suns rays more reflective will help less radiation be absorbed.

So is it to late to avoid dangerous climate change without resorting to Geo-Engineering. I think it probably is, just because its going to be a more popular to choose it over making everyone change the way we live our lives.

Dubai rising

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Dubai Rising

Dubai has seen some of the most rapid and huge changes in the history of modern civilisation. In less than 20 years, was was a barren wasteland has transformed into the most rapidly developed city on the planet.

Dubai 1990

Dubai in 1990

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, and based on based on various socioeconomic indicators it is now one of the most developed countries in the world. Much of their wealth and economic power has come from years of booming export of natural resources like petroleum and natural gas. Although Dubai has become much less dependant for income from these resources, they still play a vital role in the economy for Abu Dhabi.

This is Dubai 2007, the same road pictured above

This is Dubai 2007, the same road pictured above

UAE has an estimated population of 6 million people. To put that into perspective, New York alone has a population of 8 million. Nearly 2.5 million people now live in Dubai, but a mere 17% is thought to be Emirati. Temporary construction workers outnumber residents by 8 to 1.

Construction in Dubai is simply massive. It’s estimated that they are using 15-25% of the worlds cranes in Dubai alone. The city has become not only a playground for the rich and famous, but for architects too. Every building is unique and interesting. Everyone by now will recognise the The Burj al-Arab Hotel, the world first and only 7 star hotel, that has been built on a man made island off the shore of Dubai.

Burj al-Arab Hotel

This is the year to book your flights to Dubai as construction nears completion on the worlds tallest ever constructed building. So big in fact that it broke the record over 2 years ago way before it was even completed. The Burj Dubai is 40% taller than anything ever constructed by man before and has taken only 5 years to build. It is 818 meters tall and has 162 floors. It will be completed on December 20th.

But Dubai is not the only booming city. Abu Dhabi is also developing at an astonishing rate. Its estimated that Abu Dhabi will make $800 Billion from its oils surplus between 2005 and 2020. It’s already attracting some big names. The first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place in less than 2 weeks, bringing an end what has been a strange season in formula 1 with the first half day/half night grand prix.

Make no mistake that Dubai and Abu Dhabi is where the worlds wealth is moving to… and who can blame them.